Compare our accounts for personal clients at a glance. Shown below is a selection of our current accounts and savings accounts to help you select the ideal Cater Allen account for you or your client. For more detailed information please see the Fact Sheet and Personal Terms and Conditions related to each account.

  Current Accounts
Account Type Every-Day Account for clients with over £100,000Every-Day Account for clients with over £25,000Every-Day Account for clients with over £5,000
Account Name Private Bank AccountPrestige Bank AccountSterling Bank Account
Tiered Interest** Currently payable on balances over £100,000Currently payable on balances over £100,000No Interest payable at present
Interest Rates Interest RatesInterest RatesInterest Rates
Transactions Permitted*** UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
VISA Deferred-Debit card (subject to status) table-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Internet Banking table-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Telephone Banking table-ticktable-ticktable-tick
Monthly Minimum Account Balance fee - For accounts falling below £5,000 £15£15£15
How To Apply Click for DetailsClick for DetailsClick for Details

* The tax free rate is the rate payable where interest is exempt from income tax.  Tax rules, including the favourable tax treatment of ISAs, can change at any time in the future.

** Our accounts are designed to offer interest rates that are tiered to favour higher balances. While the Bank of England base rate remains low, no interest may be available on lower balances at present.

*** For details of which transactions incur our service charges, please refer to our Banking Tariff