Business bank accounts available through professional advisers

At Cater Allen we have experience in providing clients like yours with tailored accounts for limited companies, partnerships and contractors.

Our business Reserve Account offers banking facilities in Sterling, Euro and US Dollar, plus we offer a range of simple options for funds that can be deposited for longer terms for higher rates of interest.  

Reserve Account

A current account for businesses that is available to be held in Sterling, Euro or US Dollars with instant transfers between linked accounts and allowing up to 30 day-to-day transactions* per calendar month without incurring a transaction fee. The minimum opening balance is £5,000. No interest is paid on balances below £100,000.


*Day-to-day debit transactions on this account are: cheque withdrawals; cash machine withdrawals; cash withdrawals; card purchases including recurring transactions; Standing Orders, Direct Debits; bill payments and electronic payments.

Asset 30 Account - Issue Three

An account that offers an enhanced rate of interest on a business's cash funds, providing that 30 days' notice can be given for each intended withdrawal. One penalty free withdrawal per annum is also permitted providing the balance is over £5,000. Interest is only paid on balances that remain at £5,000 or more. The minimum account opening balance is £5,000. Clients can select to have the monthly interest credited to another linked account so that it may be accessed more easily (providing the balance remains above £10,000).

Term Deposit Account (Non-Personal)

Our sterling Term Deposit Accounts for non-personal customers are designed to provide business clients with a fixed interest rate on funds of £50,000 or over, that can be deposited for an agreed term of between 3 months and 36 months with an interest rate which is fixed on the day of deposit.


Please note that no withdrawals/closures are permitted during the fixed term. However, should there be extenuating circumstances, early withdrawal/closure will be considered, at the complete discretion of Cater Allen Limited. In these instances your account will only be credited with the capital. In the event of the death of the holder of the account, the capital will be repaid with interest earned to date.