Interest Rates

Listed below are the current interest rates for our on-sale and off-sale bank accounts. These rates are an indication only and can change during the day. All of our accounts, excluding fixed term deposits, are subject to variable rates of interest.

For Term Deposit rates available to SIPP/SSAS deposits, please see 'Term Deposit Account (Personal)'.

12 month Term Deposits are also available in Euro and US Dollar currency options. If you require rates for these currency deposits please contact us on 0800 092 5500. 

Should you require information and rates for offshore bonds, please contact us on 0800 212 638. 

* The Gross rate is the rate payable before the deduction of Income Tax at the prescribed rate.
** AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and added each year.

  • Interest will be paid gross to eligible non-taxpayers who register with us. Otherwise, it will be paid net of income tax at the prescribed rates.
  • Gross interest without deduction of tax is normally available to companies, charities, clubs, pensions and other accounts classified as "non relevant deposits" under the Income and Corporation Tax Act 1988.
  • Please note that, if you have a Professional Adviser they may receive commission from Cater Allen Private Bank in respect of your Account.