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Cater Allen Fixed Term Deposits

31st March 2020

From 2 April 2020 our Fixed Term Deposits will no longer be available to new openings.

Process for Term Deposits maturing between 2-27 April

From 2 April until 27 April 2020 we'll open Term Deposit accounts only where the customer has given us their re-investment decision in advance for an existing, maturing term. We'll also honour any requests that come in between these dates where an existing Term Deposit is maturing on or before 27 April. After this, the products will be closed to all.

Following the exceptions time window above, customers will have three options for a maturing Term Deposit:

  • those who don't provide instruction on their maturing Term Deposit funds will mature into the Term Maturity Account, as per the usual process; or
  • they can withdraw their deposit fully into a nominated account of their choice; alternatively
  • they can open another account from our range through the normal application process.

The Fixed Rate ISA interest rate will be maintained at 0.55%.