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Changes to Terms & Conditions due to Payment Account Directive regulation

16th September 2018

Personal Customers

In order to comply with the Payment Accounts Directive, further detail on your account will be introduced to help make things clearer. This detail will not impact the services or fees and charges, but will make it easier to compare common charges and fees across our personal current account range and those offered by other providers.

We will make things clearer by introducing a set of Standardised Terms for some of the most common services that may incur a fee. We will update our Terms and Conditions, website and other communications to reflect these standardised terms. A new Glossary will be introduced to help explain these terms, which will be available on our website and upon request. You’ll see the same terms used across all banks from 31 October 2018.

To help our personal current account customers compare certain fees and charges, we’ll be introducing a Fee Information Document for each of our personal current accounts, including accounts that are no longer available to open. This will show the fees and charges that are linked to the most common services, making it easier for you to choose the right account for you.

In 2019 we’ll also be introducing a Statement of Fees to our personal current account customers. We’ll provide it annually so that you can see certain fees and charges that you’ve incurred on your account, as well as any interest earned over the last 12 months. The Statement of Fees will replace the Annual Summary of Fees we currently send you. During the transitional period, some customers may receive both the Annual Summary of Fees as well as the Statement of Fees.

Non-personal customers

Whilst the above only affects personal customers, the wording within the Banking tariff will be updated with the standardised terms and will therefore be applicable to non-personal customers also. This update in terminology will, therefore, affect non-personal customers, as this contractual document applies to both personal and non-personal customers.

Please note that the introduction of the Standardised Terms, Glossary and Fee Information Document, as well as the replacement of the Annual Summary of Fees with the Statement of Fees, will not result in any change to the fees or charges on your account, or the way that you manage it.