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Stay alert – be aware of false emails

14th October 2018

We’ve been made aware of some emails that are being sent by fraudsters falsely using the Cater Allen name.

The emails may appear to be genuine but will include links to a fake Cater Allen website, a phone number to call and may even include a name of a member staff who’ll contact you. The aim is to trick you into disclosing your personal details and make payments to accounts in the fraudster’s control.

Remember the details in the email could change and won’t always include this information. To help protect yourself, please remember:

  • We do not conduct business by unsolicited emails or phone calls.
  • We have secure processes for transferring money to and from bank accounts which ensure the correct identity of our clients and ourselves.
  • If you receive an unexpected communication supposedly from Cater Allen, please exercise caution and do not share any personal information or send any money.
  • Always type our web address directly into your browser.

If you have any concerns you should call us immediately on 0800 092 3300. If you’ve received a suspicious email, please do not click any links or phone the number contained in the email. Forward the email to and then delete it.