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Stay alert - beware of investment fraud

2nd February 2018

We’d like to warn you about an investment fraud falsely using the Cater Allen name.

While searching online for high return bonds and investments, customers are tricked into believing fraudulent websites are genuine and that they should enter their details. They’re later contact by an Investment Manager purporting to be from Cater Allen.

The sophisticated fraud uses genuine Cater Allen staff names, real documents, marketing materials and website links, it also refers to products that are genuinely available.

In reality, the scammers seek to obtain personal information and to trick customers in to making payments, supposedly into investment products, which Cater Allen do not offer.

To help protect yourself from this type of fraud, please remember:

  • Cater Allen do not offer investment products of any kind.

  • We do not conduct business by unsolicited emails or phone calls.

  • We have secure processes for transferring money to and from bank accounts which ensure the correct identity of our clients and ourselves.

  • If you receive an unexpected communication supposedly from Cater Allen, please exercise caution and do not share any personal information or send any money.

You should call us on 0800 092 3300 immediately if you have any concerns.