Specialist bank accounts available through professional advisers

  • Solutions for Clubs

    For clients who need a current account or an account to earn interest on funds held for a club, society, association or place of worship we offer a range of options designed to balance the access needed with the level of interest required.

    Solutions for Clubs and Associations
  • Solutions for Charities

    For clients responsible for the funds of a charitable organisation we offer current accounts and longer term deposits that together are designed to provide a charity with an easy to manage cash portfolio with Cater Allen that balances access and interest.  

    Solutions for Charities
  • Solutions for Pensions

    We offer a range of accounts that can form the cash portfolio within a pension scheme.  Our accounts for pensions allow pension funds to be deposited for fixed terms or we can hold cash that is within a pension scheme in an account that can be accessed instantly when the funds are required for investment.

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  • Solutions for Trusts

    We understand that when advising clients who are trustees of a trust fund, you have a combined responsibility to seek beneficial returns on the funds as well as allowing the trustee to retain access when needed.  Our solutions for trusts provide this balance from current accounts to fixed term deposits.

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  • Executor and Personal Representatives

    We know that there are specialist requirements for clients who are personal representatives, executors, or receivers who have power of attorney over another person’s money or savings. At Cater Allen we have a wealth of experience in providing solutions for these circumstances and making it easy for your client to open an account with us.

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  • Solutions for Wrap Platforms

    At Cater Allen we are experienced in working with Wrap Platforms who need to be able to place client monies into interest bearing cash accounts within an investment wrapper.  As such we have created specially designed application forms and processes to ensure that is simple to open an account within a Wrap structure.


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