Term Deposit Account (Non-Personal)

A wide range of fixed terms at fixed rates

For business clients with savings of over £50,000 Cater Allen Term Deposits provide fixed terms between 3 months and 36 months with an interest rate which is fixed on the day of deposit and interest is paid out at maturity.

We also provide a choice of options on maturity; an instruction can be given for us to automatically roll over the deposit, together with accrued interest into another fixed term at the then applicable rate until further notice, alternatively the capital alone can be rolled-over with the accrued interest paid into another account. 

Please see the Term Deposit Account Factsheet and Non-Personal Terms and Conditions for more information.

Interest rates are fixed on the day of deposit.  Available fixed rates are updated daily and can be found on our Interest Rates page.

12 month Term Deposits are also available in Euro and US dollar currency options. If you require rates for these currency deposits please contact us on 0800 092 5500

How to apply

It is extremely important that clients fully understand the account, the interest rates and the relevant Terms and Conditions before submitting the application.

If you are not a professional adviser and are looking to apply for an account for a business, trust, charity, pension scheme, wrap, society, club, association or a church body/place of worship, then please call us on 0800 092 3300.


All clients must:

  • Read and print or save all the below documents this must include the Depositor Protection - Information Sheet and Exclusions List
  • Visit the interest rates page relevant to the Account
  • Complete, print and sign the application form
  • Post the form to us along with all necessary ID

Each application will usually be processed within 10 days of us receiving it.

Please note, application forms posted to Cater Allen which are incorrect or incomplete will be automatically returned. If you need assistance when completing a form we are happy to help; please call us on 0800 092 3300 or contact your relationship manager.

Literature and Downloads

We have created a handy document collation tool, which will allow you to gather all relevant account information into one single downloadable pack. This application pack can then be emailed directly to you or your client, by completing the simple online send form.

Term Deposits

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Customer Identification Requirements

NEW File:PDFSize:44KB Last Updated: 20/06/2015

Application Form and Mandate for a Business Account

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Additional Applicant Form - Business Applicant

NEW File:PDFSize:60KB Last Updated: 20/06/2015

Your Application and Credit Referencing

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Banking Tariff

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A Guide to our Complaints Procedure

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Helping you manage your Non-Personal Account

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International Payment Request Form

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Formulario De Solicitud


Information Sheet and Exclusions List

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Non Personal Terms And Conditions

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