US Dollar Bank Account

An account that offers the facility to hold US dollar currency and make instant transfers between this and other Cater Allen Bank Accounts linked to the same customer ID.

If your clients travel abroad regularly or have a second home outside the UK, the Cater Allen US Dollar Bank Account offers the ability to hold US dollars, in a UK current account. It  also provides the freedom for clients to transfer between this and their other Cater Allen accounts without incurring any currency conversion charges. See today's foreign exchange rates for transfers between accounts.  The minimum deposit is £5,000 (or the US dollar equivalent at opening).

In addition, this account offers a US dollar Cater Allen VISA Deferred-Debit Card; any card transactions made (excluding cash withdrawals) are not applied to the account until the statement date.

Please see the US Dollar Bank Account Factsheet and Personal Terms and Conditions for more information.

Interest rates are variable, please see current available interest rates.

How to apply

It is vital that every client, whether applying for a Cater Allen account directly with us or via a financial adviser or intermediary, fully understands the Account, the Interest Rates and the relevant Terms and Conditions before submitting the application.


All clients must:

  • Read and print or save all the below documents
  • Visit the interest rates page relevant to the Account
  • Complete, print and sign the application form
  • Post the form to us along with all necessary ID

Each application will usually be processed within 10 days of us receiving it.

Please note, application forms posted to Cater Allen which are incorrect or incomplete will be automatically returned. If you need assistance when completing a form we are happy to help; please call us on 0800 092 3300 or contact your relationship manager.

Literature and Downloads

We have created a handy document collation tool, which will allow you to gather all relevant account information into one single downloadable pack. This application pack can then be emailed directly to you or your client, by completing the simple online send form.

US Dollar Bank Account Factsheet

NEW File:PDFSize:48KB Last Updated:31/10/2014

Customer Identification Requirements

NEW File:PDFSize:421KB Last Updated:13/10/2014

Application Form and Mandate for a Personal Account

NEW File:PDFSize:301KB Last Updated:13/06/2014

Your Application and Credit Referencing

NEW File:PDFSize:62KB Last Updated:31/10/2014

A Guide to Your Account - Personal Version

NEW File:PDFSize:1128KB Last Updated:01/08/2014

Banking Tariff

NEW File:PDFSize:65KB Last Updated:07/02/2014

A Guide to our Complaints Procedure

NEW File:PDFSize:388KB Last Updated:02/06/2014

Visa Deferred-Debit Card Cardholders Guide

NEW File:PDFSize:2248KB Last Updated:07/02/2014

Joint Accounts - What You Need To Know About Sharing Your Finances

NEW File:PDFSize:49KB Last Updated:06/11/2014

Internet Banking Overview

NEW File:PDFSize:42KB Last Updated:06/11/2014

Mandate For Telegraphic Transfer Instructions Given By Telephone

NEW File:PDFSize:346KB Last Updated:07/02/2014

Making Foreign Currency Payments Into Your Account

NEW File:PDFSize:52KB Last Updated:07/02/2014

Internet Banking User Guide

NEW File:PDFSize:1643KB Last Updated:07/02/2014

Mandate For Withdrawal Instructions Given By Facsimile

NEW File:PDFSize:732KB Last Updated:07/02/2014

International Payment Request Form

NEW File:PDFSize:101KB Last Updated:22/08/2014

Formulario De Solicitud

NEW File:PDFSize:114KB Last Updated:22/08/2014

VISA Deferred-Debit Card Terms and Conditions

NEW File:PDFSize:59KB Last Updated:20/02/2014

Personal Terms And Conditions

NEW File:PDFSize:198KB Last Updated:29/08/2014

Internet Banking Service Terms and Conditions

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