Key Facts

Accounts for specialist customers such as trustees, charities, pension administrators, personal representatives and executors.

A mix of current and savings accounts to cover your banking needs.

Benefits can include free day-to-day transactions, fee-free internal currency conversion between accounts and interest paying accounts.

Find out more about our range of accounts below.

Please contact your financial adviser or intermediary if you wish to apply for an account with Cater Allen. If you don't have a financial adviser or intermediary, please contact us on to discuss your options.




Banking solutions for trustees who may have combined responsibility to seek interest on monies whilst still allowing access when needed. Our solutions for trusts may provide this balance, from current accounts to savings deposits.

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For clients responsible for the funds of a charitable organisation we offer current and notice accounts, that together are designed to provide a charity with an easy to manage cash portfolio that balances access and interest.

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Clubs and Associations

For clients who need a current account or savings product for a club, society, association or place of worship, we offer options designed to balance the access needed with the level of interest required.

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We offer a range of accounts that can form the cash portfolio within a pension scheme. Pension monies can be deposited with instant access or short notice periods, to suit different requirements.

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Executors and Personal Representatives

We provide accounts where there may be specialist requirements for clients who are personal representatives, executors, or receivers who have power of attorney over another person’s money and/or savings.

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Wrap Platforms

At Cater Allen we have experience working with Wrap Platforms who need to be able to place client monies into interest bearing cash accounts within an investment wrapper. Customers requiring further information on Wrap Platforms and how to access our cash products should contact their financial adviser.

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Additional information

How FSCS protects your money

The FSCS is there to protect your money, giving you automatic protection up to £85,000. To find out more about how your money is protected download the latest guide.

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Information Sheet and Exclusions List

Customers must acknowledge they have received the Information Sheet and Exclusions List within their application. You can download your copy here.

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