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VISA Debit Card

Your Cater Allen Private Bank Visa Debit Card lets you pay for goods and services at millions of retail outlets worldwide. You can also withdraw cash from over 1.6 million Visa cash machines.

You'll get a Visa Debit Card if you have certain Cater Allen pound, Euro, and US dollar accounts. To find out if you can get a debit card, please look at the fact sheet for the account you have. You'll find these in the individual product pages on the website.

To order a new personal account Visa debit card call us or send a secure message through Internet Banking.

To order a new Visa Debit Card, call us on 0800 092 3300 or write to us.

For security reasons, we set a limit on the maximum cash amount you may obtain with your Visa Debit Card on any one occasion or during any one day. The current limit for cash withdrawals can be found below.

As well as our limits, the owner of the Bank or cash machine can set their own limits that might be lower than ours.

  Per account
Minimum cash withdrawal at a cash machine £10 $10 €10
Maximum single cash machine withdrawal amount £600 $600 €600
Daily maximum number of cash machine withdrawals 5 5 5
Daily cash machine withdrawal limit £2,005 $2,005 €2,005
Total daily cash withdrawal limit £2,005 $2,005 €2,005

You can make quick and easy contactless payments using your Visa Debit Card without entering your PIN.

Your contactless payments will still be very secure thanks to the following:

  • contactless uses the same security features as Chip and PIN
  • we'll sometimes ask for a Chip and PIN transaction to confirm that it's still you using the card
  • you'll always need to complete a Chip and PIN transaction on any new card before contactless will work.

Get a contactless card

We'll automatically send you a contactless card when your current card expires.

Activate your contactless card

When you get your new contactless card, you must use it for a Chip and PIN transaction or an ATM cash withdrawal before making a contactless purchase (so we know you've received your card). Once you've done that, you're ready to make contactless payments.

Using your contactless card

Any retailer who shows the Contactless Indicator accepts contactless payments. The current limit for contactless payments can is in our Visa Debit Card Guide (pdf).

You must use your new contactless card with your PIN at least once. Then follow the steps below to start making contactless payments:

  1. When paying for purchases, look for the contactless symbol or sign.
  2. Touch the reader with your contactless card.
  3. Confirm successful payment when you see the green light and hear a beep.
  4. The reader will confirm that your payment is approved.

If you've got many cards together in a pocket or wallet, it can interfere with your payment. We recommend taking your debit card out from there, to make sure you use the right one. But don't worry, if you present two cards to the reader by mistake, only one payment will be taken.

If you've paid by contactless a few times in a row, you'll have to insert your card and enter your PIN. This is for extra security.

The Contactless Indicator mark has 4 graduating arcs on it. And is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.

Security is our priority

Making payments without entering any security details or a PIN could be seen as worrying. We'd like to reassure you just how safe and secure contactless payments really are.

Protecting you

Contactless uses latest secure encryption technology so you can feel confident when using it to pay. It only works when a card is close to the card reader. This makes it nearly impossible for any details to be intercepted while in use. For extra protection, sometimes you may have to enter your PIN number so we can make sure it's you.

Opt out of contactless payments

If you don't want to make contactless payments, you can just use Chip and PIN instead.

Call us at any time to take off the contactless payment option on your debit card. You'll get a new card number without contactless, and you PIN will stay the same.

Don't forget to let your subscription companies know that your card details have changed.

Magazine subscriptions, online streaming, payday loans and renewals of a service are future-dated card payments.

These payments ask a retailer to take future payments from your account using your card number. Sometimes they're called 'recurring transactions' or a 'continuous payment authority'.

How they work

You can set them up online, in person or by phone. Payment amounts and dates can be changeable. If you have a blocked or expired card that is reissued, the company will get new card details to keep taking payments.

Cancelling a subscription or recurring transaction

The easiest way to stop future payments is to get in touch with the company. They'll confirm the recurring payment will be stopped, and from what date.

If you haven't been able to stop future payments by talking to the company, we can try and stop them for you. Just remember that doing this could impact other payments you might want to make with them.

It's important that you contact the company to cancel your arrangement with them. If you don't, they may still be able to take a payment from your card if they use a different company name.

If you want us to stop your payments, or you've previously stopped payments and changed your mind, then please call us.

Our fee calculator helps you understand the charges when you make a payment in a currency other than pounds.

If you use your debit card abroad for a cash withdrawal or to make a purchase, you may be given the option to either pay in local currency or in pounds. Our calculator will help you understand the costs of your local currency transactions.

Fee Calculator

Notice a transaction on your statement you don't recognise? It could be from a retailer or business with another name, or fraud.

If you don't recognise a transaction, or feel you've been targeted by fraud, visit our Security centre. We've got insights and helpful tips on how to report fraud.

As soon as you realise that your card is lost or stolen, report it to us by calling us on 0800 092 3300. We'll immediately cancel that card and send a replacement to you in the post.

From outside the UK please call +44 (0)114 228 2407 or, for 24 hour support +44 (0) 1268 298 807 (please note that if you call from outside the UK, normal international call charges will apply).

Please visit our Lost and stolen cards page for further information.

Pin Management

You can change your PIN at most high street cash machines that have a Visa logo. The cash machines will have information on how to change your PIN.

If you forget your PIN call us or send a secure message through Internet Banking, and we'll send you a PIN reminder.

If you remember your PIN, you can unlock it at most high street bank cash machines, with a Visa logo. Once you're at a cash machine, insert your card and enter your PIN. Then choose PIN Services and follow the instructions for unlocking your PIN. Once your PIN is unlocked you can then start paying with your card.