We always strive to provide you with the best products and services. Unfortunately things can go wrong sometimes, but telling us about it gives us the chance to fix things for you and make improvements.

How to complain

Ways to contact us

The best way to contact us is over the phone so that we can talk to you in person:

Call us on 0800 092 3300.

Please have your Personal Access Code (PAC) to hand when calling. If you don’t have a PAC or have lost or forgotten it, please contact us on the number above.

Or you can contact us using one of the ways shown below. Please give us a daytime telephone number so we can talk to you if we need to:

Online: through the Contact Us section for existing customers on our website


You can write to us:

Client Team
Cater Allen Private Bank
Freepost ANG40024

Information we need

We want to fully understand what’s gone wrong. We’ll need some information from you to make sure the right person handles your complaint and can investigate and fix things for you as soon as possible.

Please include:

  • Your name and address
  • Your account details
  • A description of your complaint and how it’s affected you
  • When the issue happened
  • A contact number (or your preferred method of contact) and a convenient time to contact you. This will help us get hold of you if we need to discuss your complaint, especially if we need any additional information. Calls from us may appear as unknown or withheld numbers.

Using a solicitor, claims management company or a third party firm to make a complaint

We want you to be aware that we’ll look into the issue you’ve raised exactly the same way even if you use a third party. This could be a solicitor, claims management company or any other third party, for example a Financial Adviser. When making this decision it may be helpful to know:

  • We won’t charge you to investigate your complaint
  • We won’t be liable for any fees that you may be charged by a third party to handle your complaint
  • If we pay any money to you as part of the resolution to your complaint, we’ll pay this directly to you as our customer.

What happens next

We'll do everything we can to resolve your concern quickly and fairly. If we need extra information to investigate the issue, we'll contact you and where we've made a mistake, we'll put things right.

If we can resolve your complaint within three business days following the day we received it, we'll send you confirmation of this and we'll also let you know about the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) at this time.

For more complex issues we may need more time to investigate your concerns. If this is the case, we'll send you an acknowledgment letter outlining the next steps and when you can expect to hear from us.

Once we've completed a thorough investigation, we'll give you a final response which will outline the details of our investigation, how we reached our decision and what we're going to do to put things right.


We aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible and specific timescales apply to certain types of complaints:

Complaints relating to payments in or out of your account:

These include complaints about making or receiving payments on your current account.

  • We’ll send you our final response as soon as we’ve completed our investigation. We have 15 days to resolve these complaints.
  • If there are exceptional circumstances we may take longer than 15 days to investigate your complaint, we’ll however resolve all payment complaints within 35 days. We’ll write to you to let you know if we need longer than 15 days, we’ll  also send you details about how to refer the matter the Financial Ombudsman if you would prefer not to wait for us to finish investigating your complaint.

All other complaints:

  • Although we have 56 days to resolve your complaint, we’ll send you our final response as soon as we’ve completed our investigation.
  • We’ll also keep you informed in writing along the way so you’ll know when to expect to hear from us.
  • If we haven’t been able to finalise our investigation by 56 days we’ll send you a letter letting you know and what steps you can take. These will include letting you know you can go to the Financial Ombudsman if you’d prefer not to wait until we’ve finalised our investigation.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

Financial Ombudsman Service

If you don’t agree with our resolution of your complaint and you’d like to take it further, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to look into it. This is a free, independent and impartial service that helps resolve disputes.

Although you can refer your complaint to the FOS at any time, they'll ask for our permission to investigate complaints where:

  • You haven’t complained to us first, to give us the chance to put things right
  • You have complained to us, but we haven’t given you our final response yet and we’re still within our timescales.

We'll send you the full details of our decision in our final response, including your right to refer your complaint to the FOS. If you do so, it should be within 6 months of the date on our final response.

Phone: 0800 0 234 567 (free from UK landlines and mobiles)
Post: Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR

Continually improving the service we offer and reducing the number of complaints we receive is very important to us. We regularly review complaints data, which helps us to understand how we can make improvements.

Complaints data

What we publish

Every 6 months we publish the number of customer complaints we've received for the previous half year. We also put these figures into context using the type of products complained about.

Why we publish

The FCA require us to provide this information directly to them as well as on our own website, just as other firms have to. This data can be used as an indicator of how well we’re serving our customers, for comparison purposes and also to demonstrate the improvements we're making to reduce the number of complaints we receive.

Latest results

Firm Name Cater Allen Limited
Group (if Applicable)  
Other firms included in this report (if any)  
Period covered in this report 01 July 2021 - 31 December 2021
Brands/Trading names covered Cater Allen

As we received fewer than 500 complaints in the period 01 July 2021 to 31 December 2021, we aren’t required to publish a summary of our complaints data for that period.

Previous results

Firm Name Cater Allen Limited
Group (if Applicable)  
Other firms included in this report (if any)  
Period covered in this report 01 January 2021 - 30 June 2021
Brands/Trading names covered Cater Allen

Number of complaints opened by volume of business.

Product / Service Group Provision (at reporting period end date) Inter-mediation (within the reporting period) No. of complaints opened No. of complaints closed Percentage closed within 3 days Percentage closed after 3 days but within 8 weeks Percentage upheld Main cause of complaints opened
Banking & Credit Cards 5.1 per 1000 accounts N/A 507 467 45% 54% 65% Other General Admin / Customer Service

Industry data

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) publishes firms’ complaints figures and provides analysis on the recent industry complaint data. From June 2016 the FCA made some changes to how firms should handle and report complaints. You can find more information about the changes here.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) also publishes information about how many complaints they receive from firms and the result of these. They also provide guidance on aspects of complaints handling and produce informative publications, putting topical issues under the microscope.

To see results for other financial providers, please visit their website.

Service quality metrics