Important changes to our services

The changes we've been communicating to you over the last few months are now live for all customers. The main change is the new Intermediary Portal, with additional functionality for your convenience to allow you to manage your accounts more efficiently.

You can find all the information your need to know on the changes on this webpage, including copies of the letters we've sent you.

New Intermediary Portal

Introduction of a new Intermediary Portal

The implemented changes focus on the introduction of a new Intermediary Portal which has replaced our existing intermediary online channels (IFA browser and FTP shared folder). The Intermediary Portal offers stronger security and a range of new tools and features to enable you to service your account(s) and your customer portfolio online.

Intermediary access to customer accounts will continue in accordance with the existing mandate held by Cater Allen for those customer(s).

Cater Allen will need to hold a valid mobile number for you to be able to use the new Intermediary Portal. This will be used to generate a One Time Passcode (OTP) at first log in and each time a transaction is requested. OTP is a regulatory requirement to ensure stronger authentication around transactions.

Functionality available online Existing online channels (IFA browser & FTP shared folder) New online channel (Intermediary Portal)
Portfolio Summary for all accounts held, managed and introduced (current accounts and deposits) and account details per account Yes Yes
Customer and account search capability Yes Yes
Ability to download reports Yes Yes
Transaction listings (view and download transaction history on your account(s)) Yes Yes
Making payments (internal, domestic and International) and settings up payees/beneficiaries No Yes
Account statements (view and download statements for the past 12 months) No Yes
Set-up bulk payments No Yes
Bulk on-boarding No Yes
Online transactions, validation and authorisation No Yes
Set-up and manage standing orders No Yes
Update personal details and change login details No Yes
Secure messages No Yes
Marketing and statement frequency preferences No Yes

We're in the process of making these changes, they're already live for some customers. We'll be writing to all remaining intermediaries and customers in the coming months to confirm when the changes will be live for them.

How you can access the new Intermediary Portal

If you currently use the IFA browser, FTP shared folder and/or Sub Account Portal (for introducing client accounts), your existing login credentials won’t be valid once these channels are discontinued.

The new Intermediary Portal will have stronger authentication and we’ll issue new credentials to all current users of the IFA Browser, FTP shared folder and the Sub Account Portal.

We’ll need more information from each user in order to set up the new credentials (i.e. address, mobile number, email address, etc.) which you can provide by filling in this form:

Intermediary Portal: User access request form

Please note that when filling out this form we require 3 years of address history. Therefore, if you have had more than 1 address in the past 3 years, please include this information on a sheet of paper attached to the form when returning it.

Please complete all sections of the form and then return to us by post to:

Cater Allen Private Bank,
9 Nelson Street


Intermediary Portal Help Videos

We have produced some 'How to' videos to assist you with some common tasks in the new Intermediary Portal

View the videos

Other changes

Facility to Deposit Client Cheques

We removed this facility on 5 May 2019 and from this date paying-in books that detail account number 00000012 became unavailable, as this account is closing. Once the changes have gone live for you, if you try to deposit using this account number, your cheques will be returned to you.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. To deposit money into accounts going forwards you can either do an electronic transfer from another bank account directly, or post cheques (in pounds) using our postal paying-in book to this address: CAPB Processing Centre, PO Box 12665, Harlow, CM20 9QP. If you don’t have a postal paying-in book or prepaid envelopes with this address on, you can order these from our website:

Note: If you receive any foreign cheques these need to be sent to: Foreign Cheques Team (Cater Allen), Payment Operations, Santander UK 2nd Floor Admin North, Bridle Road, Bootle, Liverpool, L30 4GB.

Changes for your customers

We've also made a number of changes aimed at making our banking services more efficient and convenient for your customers, especially through our new Internet Banking site.

You can find full details of these on our 'Important changes to our services' webpage here.

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