Foreign payments and currencies

Cater Allen offers current accounts in pounds, US dollars and euros with instant transfers between linked accounts. Transfers can be made via Internet Banking or by calling our Client Team on 0800 092 3300.

Foreign exchange rates

Indicative exchange rates are shown below and are updated Monday to Friday. Weekends and bank holidays will show the indicative exchange rate from the previous working day.

Please note that the actual exchange rate to be used for the payment will not be finalised until we make the payment, therefore the below indicative rates may vary from the rate we apply to your payment instruction. The exchange rate used will be shown on your Account statement.

Pounds Buy Rate

USD To GBP: 1.251296

EUR To GBP: 1.197641

Pounds Sell Rate

GBP To USD: 1.178404

GBP To EUR: 1.127875

Today's Date: 1st July 2022

Rates are used in the following instances:

  • For internal linked account transfers between your accounts in pounds, euros and/or US dollars.
  • For in-bound payments in pounds being credited to a US dollar or euro account, or in-bound US dollar or euro payments being credited to an account in pounds.
  • When an account is in pounds and a US dollar or euro payment is being made additional charges may apply for certain transactions.  Please see our Banking Tariff or Fee Information Documents for details.
  • For CHAPS payments in pounds/SWIFT payments (non-euro) made from your US dollar or euro accounts, additional charges may apply for certain transactions. Please see our Banking Tariff or Fee Information Documents for details.

We can accept and send payments in a variety of different currencies (see listing below), for indicative exchange rates on any of these currencies please call our Client Team on 0800 092 3300.

Receiving money from outside the UK, or from within the UK but in a currency other than pounds

Please share the details below with third parties who are making foreign currency payments into your Account.

Send to: Santander UK
SWIFT/BIC code (Field 57): ABBYGB2LXXX
Beneficiary name (Field 59): Your full Account name
Beneficiary Account number (Field 59): Your IBAN - this can be found on your statement or via Internet Banking. Or you can get it below, by inputting your Account number
Payment reference (Field 70): Cater Allen

If you require more information or guidance on transferring monies from abroad, please call our Client Team on 0800 092 3300.

Generate your IBAN

You can generate the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for any of your Cater Allen accounts using our tool below.

To generate your IBAN enter your account number and press the Generate IBAN button.

The IBAN for this account is:

Currencies accepted by Cater Allen

Listed below are currencies that we can accept as telegraphic transfer deposits in addition to GB Pounds. For details of charges relating to foreign currency cheques and deposits please see our Banking Tariff or Fee Information Documents.

European Economic Area currencies


Danish Krone

Hungarian forint

Norwegian Krone

Polish Złoty

Romanian leu

Swedish Krona

Other currencies

United States Dollar

Australian Dollar

Canadian Dollar

Swiss Franc

South African Rand

New Zealand Dollar

Japanese Yen

Hong Kong Dollar

Singapore Dollar

UAE Dirham

Indian Rupee

Moroccan Dirham

Thai Baht