Using your Debit Card abroad – fee calculator

When you use your Debit Card abroad, whether to make a purchase or to make a withdrawal from a cash machine, you may be offered the option to either pay in local currency or in pounds. This calculator will help you understand how much your transaction could cost you when choosing to pay in local currency.

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The above rates apply to transactions processed on the day you selected. Transactions are not always processed on the same day that a card is used.

General information about using your Debit Card abroad

You may be offered two options when using your Debit Card abroad to make a purchase or to withdraw money from a cash machine:

  1. Pay in local currency – we convert to your card currency based on the Visa daily exchange rates.
  2. Pay in the currency of your card – the retailer/foreign bank will handle the conversion and may charge you a fee.

When you use your card abroad and the retailer/cash machine provides you with the equivalent figure for paying in the currency of your card, you can compare it with the figures from this calculator to help you to understand the costs of each option.

Important information

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only based on the information provided.

Please refer to Fact Sheet for your account for specific product details.

The exchange rate used for processing a transaction may differ from the rate that applied on the actual date of the transaction because exchange rates vary on a daily basis and transactions are not always processed on the day they occur. The exchange rate used when the transaction is processed and the amount of the transaction in your account currency after the application of the exchange rate will be detailed on your statement or within your transaction history within Internet Banking.