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To help us point you in the right direction, please choose an option below:

Professional Advisers

If you are a Professional Adviser and wish to contact us, here's how...

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New Customers

If you're considering becoming a Cater Allen customer and need more information, here's who to contact...

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Existing Customers

If you're an existing Cater Allen Customer and wish to contact us, here's how...

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Lost and stolen cards

If you've lost your Debit Card or it has been stolen, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Other useful contacts

Details of what to do when you have an issue outside our opening hours, as well as contact details for phishing attempts, our media contact and all other queries.

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Losing someone close to you can be very difficult. Our step by step guidance can help you to know what to do.

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Unfortunately things can go wrong sometimes, but telling us about it gives us the chance to fix things for you and make improvements.

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Requests for information

Why we ask for evidence before and after you open your account.

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